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Infographic: Digital Twin Use Cases


No matter the industry, most organizations are aiming to take the lead in a “secure, intelligent and connected economy.” In this economy, the future of product development/engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket systems hinges on companies’ abilities  to build and exploit information models. With IIoT and real-time analytics, we have a wide range of adaptive machines and systems capable of automatically transmitting information about their status, performance and usage. This can create new levels of operational and strategic business value with real-time data that feeds decision-making across the organization. It is here that digital twin technology becomes an absolute game changer. The pandemic has only accelerated the awareness of and the interest in investing in a holistic digital twin program.

Business value for digital twin implementations can be found across the end-to-end business value chain of plan-build-operate-maintain. The benefits typically revolve around new business models, faster product launches and operational efficiency and resiliency.

Most digital twin use cases fall into one of the following six categories.

  • Customer Proximity
  • Speed & Agility
  • Operational Excellence & Resilience
  • Appreciating Assets
  • Customer Experience
  • Navigate Complexity in Connected Economy

To learn more about Digital Twin, its evolution journey and how to implement a successful Digital Twin program, read more in our article “Digital Twin: A Foundation for a Secure, Intelligent and Connected Enterprise” and download our full report.



Gaurav Gupta

Partner & Global Head,

Digital Engineering, ISG

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