Frequently Asked Questions

Any client side company involved in product or service innovation in Digital Engineering may make a nomination for any category of the Award. The award is not open to services providers, but they may make nominations on behalf of their innovative clients.

The nominations for the DE Award will be judged for their excellence in Idea, Value, Delivery, and Impact. Read more about the criteria.

Review the award evaluation criteria and categories to determine if the product or service you wish to nominate is appropriate for DE Awards.

  1. Download the nomination form with the attached guide. The guide is a resource that will help you fill out the form accurately. It will assist in clearly presenting the original problem, the development of the core idea, the value proposition, key messaging, and impact.
  2. Compose your responses according to the evaluation criteria. Gather the best-supporting evidence (including any videos) for submission.
  3. Upload the completed nomination form with attachments.
  4. Submit the nomination before 31 October 2022

No, there is no entry fee for submitting nominations for the DE Awards.

The DE Awards jury panel, led by ISG, will review all nominations and develop a list of shortlists, and finalists within each of the Award categories. Our Panel of Judges, which is comprised of senior and distinguished industry analysts and engineers will review the finalists’ entries basis the criteria of Idea, Value, Delivery, and Impact.

At a glance: Nominations > Shortlist > Finalists > Winners

The Shortlisting Phase: The DE Awards jury panel shortlists the best initiative in each of the 9 team and individual award categories.

The Voting phase: The shortlisted initiatives will undergo a rigorous independent process with each member on the handpicked jury panel voting basis the four evaluation criteria – Idea, Value, Delivery, and Impact.

The winners of the DE Awards are kept strictly confidential until they are announced as part of a celebration gala to be held on 5th December in Orlando, United States. All shortlists, finalists, and winners are invited to attend this annual networking event, which includes the ER&D Circle members.

If you win a DE Award you have the freedom to publicize the great honor. We will provide a template press release, or you can create your own. We encourage companies to license the DE Awards Winner seal and promote winning one of the world's most prestigious innovation awards.

The award submission details are confidential, and care will be taken to ensure that no information is shared with unauthorized users at any stage of the process. For more information on our data privacy practices, please refer our Confidentiality Promise.